The Urgent Care Center of Southwest Florida was founded by four dedicated, Board Certified Emergency Medicine physicians, who have worked together in area emergency departments in Southwest Florida for many years. All of their experience pointed to a need in the community for a place where patients could obtain high quality treatment for minor, yet urgent accidents and illnesses -- more quickly, more inexpensively, and in a less hectic environment than in a typical ER.  The four doctors opened the Urgent Care Center of SWFL in Estero in 2006 and Urgent Care Center of Southwest Florida  in Cape Coral in 2007.  All of the partners still work regularly in area emergency departments, all of the staff have extensive experience... and all have a "passion" for excellence. 

Larry A. Hobbs, MD

“At UCC, the environment is spacious, clean, and calming for patients with the most modern equipment at our disposal. Our staff is specially trained to help diagnose and treat all sorts of acute medical conditions. These two factors help set us apart from the ‘usual’ urgent care clinics…”

Dr. Larry Hobbs, Managing Partner, UCC of SWFL

Walter Simmons, DO

“At UCC it's the quality of the care.  I've never worked with so many people (office staff, techs, nurses, P.A.'s and doctors) who care so much about doing a good job....They're the people I'd want taking care of me.”

Dr. Walter Simmons, Partner, UCC of SWFL

Thomas Johnson, MD

“The Urgent Care Center of SWFL is staffed by genuinely nice, caring people and we can really do a lot for the patient.  We have a nice referral network and unless you are dying, you should come see us first! ”

Dr. Thomas Johnson , Partner, UCC of SWFL

Dwight Phelps, MD

“UCC stands out because of the pleasant surroundings, and the helpful and courteous staff …”

Dr. Dwight Phelps, Managing Partner, UCC of SWFL

Our Caring Professional Staff

Physician Assistants, Nurses, Technicians, and Office Staff

A "passion for excellence" is a pre-requisite for becoming part of the care delivery team at the Urgent Care Center of Southwest Florida. All of our staff have extensive experience, know how to identify and respond to patients and families in distress. It's all about a team effort, working together to meet the needs of our patients.